Saskatchewan Speaks: Policy Recommendations for Transformational Change

In December, SaskForward began an online public consultation process that asked people across the province to answer the question, “What ‘transformational change’ would you introduce to make Saskatchewan a happier, healthier, and more prosperous place for all?” After receiving over one hundred submissions from individuals and organizations and hosting a policy summit and discussion with over …

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Real Renewal on Transforming Schools and Education

Re-imagining the future together   RealRenewal’s some 200 members include parents, teachers, school staff, students, education experts and community members province-wide who share common cause in defending and supporting public education in Saskatchewan. We conduct research on education issues and gather ideas the public through forums, workshops, online surveys, and requests for written input. In …

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Summit Panel: Dr. Sally Mahood

Family Physician Dr. Sally Mahood suggests how evidence-based policy-making can improve the fairness and equity of our public health system in Saskatchewan.   Social Determinants of Health Canada is one of the top four per capita healthcare spenders among 17 peer nations but among the bottom four for key measures of health status The top …

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