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Regina City Council Stand Up to Scott Moe

In October 2018 the City of Regina committed to moving to 100% renewable energy sources by 2050, a change that reflected a broad push by the community to adopt sustainable policies that respond to climate change.

Recently the City of Regina undertook a review of its longstanding advertising, sponsorship and naming policy. The city council voted in favour of an amendment that would prohibit companies or organizations whose primary business profits derive from the sale or production of fossil fuels from advertising at city events or sponsoring buildings.

Scott Moe, the premier of Saskatchewan, has since weighed in on this municipal issue, attempting to influence the Regina City Council vote. Moe has threatened to withdraw sponsorship of city events by crown corporations and hold back the annual SaskPower and SaskEnergy municipal surcharges.

The Government of Saskatchewan should not be intimidating an elected municipal government by threatening to withhold funds collected to support municipal governments. The Premier threatened to retaliate with sanctions that would affect service delivery to Regina people because of a motion he didn’t agree with. There is no place for this kind of political interference in a healthy democracy.

Add your voice and tell Regina City Council to stand up to bullying and keep Scott Moe out of city council decisions.