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Iron and Earth on a just transition plan for energy workers

Over the summer we conducted our Workers’ Climate Plan in response to the federal governments National Climate Strategy consultations. We surveyed tradespeople and the public across the country to get their views on what a just transition for Canada’s future energy needs looks like and what is important to them when developing future energy policy.

The federal government has a responsibility to represent all Canadians in their future energy policies, and a responsibility to consider all possibilities to make a healthy, happier place not just for Saskatchewan but for the country as a whole.

These are the recommendations we made through our Workers’ Climate Plan Report based on the feedback we got, we think this is a plan all Canadians can get behind.

Our Three Energy Development Priorities:
1. Energy development must ensure continued job opportunities for Canada’s skilled
2. Energy development must be aligned with climate commitments and the goal of
nearing net zero emissions by 2050.
3. Build a thriving international export market of renewable energy products, electricity,
and services.

Our Four-Point Plan:
1. Build up Canada’s renewable energy workforce by rapidly up-skilling energy sector
workers through short term training programs and expanding apprenticeship
2. Build up the manufacturing capacity of renewable energy products through the
retooling and advancement of existing manufacturing facilities.
3. Position existing energy sector unions, contractors, manufacturers and developers
within the renewable energy sector through incubator programs and multi-
stakeholder collaboration initiatives.
4. Integrate renewable energy technologies and industrial scale energy efficiency
projects into existing non-renewable energy infrastructure.